The Best Birthday Presents for Princess Lovers in 2024

The big day is almost here, and finding that extra special present seems like an impossible task. There are so many gadgets, dolls and games on the market it can be hard to know where to begin. At Snow Princess Parties we’re happy to help, so we’ve made a list of the most sought after and popular presents for princess lovers in 2024!

To a little princess, what could be more mer-mazing than becoming a mermaid?! Mermaid Blankets are a great way to capture the imagination and make magical mermaid dreams come true. They’re also super cosy for those long winter months!

You can find these online for a variety of prices and colours.

The Big Ol’ Mermaid Blanket

With Barbie now more popular than ever, keeping it classy is a must. The pink Barbie convertible car is a stylish and sporty way to help improve motor skills and cruise like a diva. Look out for squashed toes though – a driver’s licence is not included!

Barbie’s Convertible Car

If your little one is princess mad, then they’ll already know all the classic Disney songs. Let them get their superstar moment as they sing their heart out with this Karaoke Machine. For extra special memories sing along with them – or even ask dad to help with a duet!

Disney Princess Karaoke Machine

The coolest Princess on the block knows how to skate. That is a well-known fact. Elsa, Arna, and Barbie have all been known to strut their stuff on the rink, and honestly we couldn’t be happier it’s back in fashion. Roller skating is a great summer activity that helps promote physical activity and improves motor skills. Plus – it’s fun!

Always consider safety when buying roller skates and adjustability for growing feet.

Pink Roller Skates

As entertainers we know first hand how much kids love glitter tattoos, and we can’t say we blame them! Nothing beats picking out your own fabulous design and dabbing it on with fairy glitter! Glitter tattooing is also the perfect sleepover activity for large groups and short attention spans (see how quiet it goes when everyone’s concentrating on the perfect glitter placement!).

Have a look on your local High Street for these. There are also many different options online.

Glitter Tattoo Kit

Who says a princess can’t be a scientist too? Science kits are a great way to stimulate intellectual curiosity and passion for something totally new. From chemistry kits to slime-making, there are oodles of styles to explore!

We even found a science kit that sparkles, for the Princess that can’t get enough glitz!

You can find it at Toys R Us UK for a budget-friendly present.

Children's Science Set

If a picture paints a thousand words, then every artist needs a paintbrush! A first camera allows aspiring young creatives to look at the world in a new light and capture their most precious moments. Why not host your own Princess fashion show at home, complete with instant Polaroids to stick on the wall?. Below is an ideal camera that instantly prints pictures – so they can show you their work with pride. Plus, it’s pink!

Instant Camera for Kids

Somehow a homemade dress just fits better. We’ve seen so many amazing costume ideas at our parties and parades that we can’t help but be in awe of kids’ imaginations. Fashion design kits are a great way to create unique, elaborate gowns and fairy wings with accessories fit for the red carpet. Perfect for the little fashionista with a taste for design!

You can find these on Amazon today.

Fashion Design Kit for Kids

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