The Best Moana in the UK – Moana Themed Princess Parties

With the excitement building for the new Moana film, our Island Princess parties have never been more popular! If your little one is coconuts for Moana, an island princess party is the perfect way to make their special day magical and memorable!

Princess Safiya loves entertaining children and wants to make all their fairytale dreams come to life!

As a child, Safiya always loved dressing up as a princess. But she sometimes found something was missing: a princess that looked like her. That is until Moana was released in 2016, when Safiya was finally able to see herself on the screen. Since then she’s made it her mission to spread this magical feeling to the little ones that may feel like her.

With her curly hair and bright smile Safiya was often told that she resembles the island princess, even taking her as far as making it through to the final stages of working at a park in Shanghai. By using the skills she built from her musical theatre degree Safiya has gone on to do a variety of professional contracts and even worked at a holiday park presenting and singing.

Safiya uses her expertise to create unique, diverse and exciting parties as the island princess herself. You will always find her singing and dancing along to the fun and much-loved soundtrack. (sidenote: We are all super excited to hear the new one with the release of the sequel and live action films!)

“I absolutely love working with children and all things princess and how I get to incorporate those things at a very professional level. By being a professional princess I am able to hopefully inspire little ones that they can truly live their dreams and do something gratifying with their life” – Princess Safiyah

Safiya is super excited to spread a diverse magic. She will never forget the first time she got told at a party “wow you look like me” “our hair is the same”. It’s a very special feeling meeting a child whilst dressed as the princess that most changed the way they view themselves, the character that made them realise they can be a princess too, no matter what they look like!

As children sing and dance Safiya is reminded of when she was little and is more than grateful that she is able to bring such magic to life. Safya is determined to spread the Moana magic across the UK!

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