Top 10 Barbie Party food ideas – Perfect for a Barbie-Themed Birthday Party!

Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Party! Looking to throw a fabulous Barbie Party? These Barbie party food ideas will surely leave your Barbies and Kens mouths watering with delight! 

1. Watermelon Barbie shoes

The iconic high heel just got seriously yummy. 

Make watermelon that little bit more exciting by making it Barbie’s iconic fashionista footwear! 

You could take a knife and carve these out by hand. Or just use a stencil (we won’t tell!) Click here to get your stencil and turn your watermelon (and other fruits!) into a yummy and healthy Barbie-themed treat!

2. Barbie Jelly Doll

Jelly is sure to be a hit at any party, and this one is no different! 

  1. Follow a basic jelly recipe (we recommend a pink one!)
  2.  Pour the jelly into a mould– you can even use different coloured jelly for a layered effect!
  3. Once set, pop your Barbie doll into the middle, and Wow! You’ll have the perfect show-stopping jelly that everyone will love!

3. Barbie-tastic Brew

An essential to any birthday party is a refreshing drink, and this one certainly looks delicious!

All you’ll need is watermelon juice, Lemonade, sparkling water, pink sugar, and pink edible glitter!

To make, simply:

  1. Wet the rim of your glass with water or honey and dip into the pink sugar
  2. Add the watermelon juice, sparkling water and lemonade 
  3. Mix in some edible glitter to add that extra sparkle! 

Why not add some pink straws and umbrellas on the top to complete the look?

If you’re after an adult drink, you could always add some Malibu to make the Malibu Barbie Cocktail of dreams! 

4. Barbie Head Sandwiches

To Barbie-fy your sandwiches, simply use cookie cutters to cut out Barbie-themed shapes. After all, why have a normal sandwich when you could have a Barbie one?! 

Cutters can be found on Etsy here 

You could also use them on cookies, fruits, or pizza! Why not try them on pancakes and have a breakfast fit for a Barbie Princess?!

5. Barbie Box Delights

If Barbie’s not in her Dreamhouse, she’s most likely in her iconic box! This is the perfect way to serve Barbie-inspired treats and look stylish while doing it! 

Simply purchase some Barbie favour boxes and fill them with Pink snacks! Macaroons, strawberries, marshmallows, party rings, and pink wafers are just some of the delights you could include!

Place these at the party food table for lunchtime fun, or give them out as Party favours at the end of the celebration! (a great alternative to party bags!)

6. Pink glittery popcorn

Is there a way to make popcorn better? By making it pink and glittery, of course! To achieve this Barbie-inspired snack, simply mix edible glitter and food colouring mist with popcorn, and viola- You have the perfect Barbie Popcorn Treat! 

7. Barbie Birthday cake

The centrepiece of any party food table is, of course, the Birthday Cake!

You could use your jelly mould to make the perfect Barbie Dress birthday cake, or purchase a plain pink cake and decorate it with edible glitter, macaroons, candy floss, and disco balls! Or, if you’d prefer to leave the cake-making to someone else, you could always go to your local bakery for some assistance! 

8. Flamingo Donuts

How cute are these Flamingo Float Donuts! All you’ll need is pink-iced mini doughnuts, pink fondant, white chocolate, black edible marker, and some toothpicks! 

To make: 

  1. Shape the pink fondant into the flamingo’s head (like a candy cane!) and push a toothpick into the end
  2. Dip the beak into melted white chocolate and let it dry
  3. Use a black edible marker to do the details 
  4. Use the other end of the toothpick to place into the donut 

And that’s it! You’ve got yourself some fabulous-looking mini flamingo pool floats!

9. Pink Pasta

Why eat normal pasta when you could eat PINK pasta?

We’re on a quest to make everything pink, and that includes carbs. Simply add blended cooked beetroot to pasta to make a quick and easy dish that Barbie herself would love! It’s delicious (and full of nutrients, too!) 

Feel free to add in any extra ingredients you may fancy- like feta, celery, or carrots to bulk out the dish!

10. Pink Burgers

Normal burgers are out, PINK burgers are in! 

Check out this limited edition Pink Vegan Burgers from Cafe Thrive in Southampton- don’t they look delicious! 

To recreate the pink burger look at home, simply purchase beetroot burger buns from a supermarket and use some beetroot juice left over from your pink pasta in the burger sauce! 

Fancy throwing the ultimate Barbie party? Get in touch today to hire your very own Barbie entertainer so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy some Pink popcorn and Birthday Cake!

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Elsa has arrived in Buckinghamshire!

Yep. You heard (or read) that right. The iconic Snow Queen is now in Buckinghamshire!
After entertaining in the East Berkshire team for a year and a half, Princess Shannon stepped up to become Director of Buckinghamshire and bring Elsa (as well as many other well-loved
characters) to Aylesbury, Amersham, Great Missenden and more!

Working with children and Performing Arts- The PERFECT Mix!

Shannon adores her job, and believes that every party is the perfect opportunity to make
children truly believe in magic. She adores the wonderment and imagination of children’s
minds and counts it as a blessing that she gets to dive right into this every weekend. Whether Shannon’s a Unicorn , Superhero or Princess (we really do have a LOT of costumes in our
wardrobes!) she brings an endless amount of energy, joy and enthusiasm to every party she

Princess Shannon has to pinch herself that being a Princess is her full-time, real-life job.
It almost seems like a dream as she gets to wear beautiful costumes while she runs the highest rated Princess Party company in Buckinghamshire (and loves every second of it!). Plus, she loves the Hokey Cokey, which definitely helps!

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Our South London Princess Parade is Back!

Two years ago, on the 25th August 2021, I organised the very first Princess Parade in South London. We took to Balham High Street with 6 of your favourite characters to spread joy and give everyone the chance to meet their favourite fairy-tale princess. 

We greeted friends from near and far

As we arrived outside Milk Cafe on Balham Hill, we were met by local nurseries, schools, friends and families; some had travelled over an hour to see us. I couldn’t believe the amount of people! We then walked along the High Street meeting lots of friends along the way, before making our way to Tooting Bec common for our final performance of the day.  

Snow Princess Parties Princess Parade in London

Bad weather can’t stop our princess parade…

This is a yearly event, rain or shine. Last year on the morning of our parade, we woke to thunder and flooding. But that was not going to stop us! We headed to Balham but the rain was still pouring. Thankfully, Balham Library offered to host our first performance. Over 200 people packed out the hall. It was so touching that no matter what, you brought your little ones out to see us. Then, as the rain stopped, we took to Tooting Bec common to be met by even more little fans! A member of the public was playing tennis and even played ‘let it go’ on his boom-box so we could perform. It really was a whole community effort. 

Want to find a Princess Parade near you? Be sure to read about our Burnham Princess Parade and Maidstone Princess Parade!

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The Princesses are back!

This year we will be back on the 24th of August, with some new characters; performing your favourite songs that we know even you as parents like to sing along to. After all, you’re never too old for some magic!  

We cannot wait to see you all! 

Find our event on Facebook to stay up to date!

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