The 10 Best Village Halls/ Local Venues to Hire for the Perfect Kid’s Party- Maidenhead

With five years of experience entertaining parties at every single venue in and around Maidenhead about 30 times over, I have learnt that choosing a location is not a decision to be taken lightly!

From the good, the bad, and the ugly, I have compiled a list of the absolute best venues available to hire for your little one’s special day.

These locations include ONLY Maidenhead and surrounding areas and are simply a matter of opinion and experience. Our company is not affiliated with or sponsored by any of the venues mentioned, as we always strive for honesty and impartiality to give you the best advice possible!

So, what actually makes a good venue? 

Location – The last thing you want on the party day is 25 flustered parents ringing you up because they cannot find the venue. Make sure the area is easy to find and does not charge a fortune for parking! 

Size – It can be super hard to tell from an image online how big a space is, so we recommend visiting the venue in person before the big day. Remember: even if the empty hall looks big enough, once it is filled with 30 hyper children, lunch tables and sound systems, it may be a completely different story.

Acoustics – Put 30 kids, 30 adults (the grown-ups are the noisy ones), and a bouncy castle in a hall with bad acoustics and the result is deafening chaos. Even with expensive PA equipment and sound systems, if the acoustics in the venue are poor it can be incredibly noisy and hard to keep control. Newer buildings like sports halls usually have poor acoustics, whilst older, wooden buildings like churches are much better for sound control.

Facilities – This one goes without saying: access to nice clean toilets and a kitchen are must-haves. On top of this, a working power socket is essential for entertainers, who will be bringing sound systems and other party equipment.  

Cut it Out!– Recently, halls in built up residential areas have begun installing a box which cuts the power out if the noise level goes above a certain volume (yes, even at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon!). From experience, trying to keep the noise below the overly sensitive limit at a kid’s party is about as possible as pigs flying, meaning this is a nightmare for everyone involved. Often the power in the kitchen is unaffected, so I run an extension reel from there; I have learnt to spot these evil contraptions like a hawk! If you do not want your party disrupted every 15 minutes, it is best to avoid these venues all together.

Now, let us get onto our 10 favourite venue picks (in no particular order)…

1. Holyport War Memorial Hall

Location: Holyport, Maidenhead

 Contact Number: 01628 200500

Snow Princess Rating: 5/5

Holyport Community Trust Official Website - Holyport Community ...

Holyport Memorial Hall has an excellent, spacious car park and is extremely easy to find. No flustered phone calls here! The inside is just as brilliant: there are plenty of chairs and tables in the large hall to easily accommodate bigger parties. Finally, the high ceilings mean great acoustics, so the children will have no trouble hearing the music and the entertainer. In my opinion, this venue has no drawbacks and will give you a party you will never forget.

2. Cox Green Youth and Community Centre

      Location: Cox Green, Maidenhead

      Contact Number: 01628636715

      Snow Princess Rating: 5/5

Cox Green Community Centre - Victory Hall hire facilities and photos

This community centre in Cox Green also ticks many boxes. It offers free parking, a separate ‘parent zone’ near the kitchen (for some peace and quiet!) and is large enough for 35 kids as well as adults.

3. Dorney Village Hall

      Location: Parish of Dorney, South Bucks (between Windsor, Maidenhead and Slough)

      Contact Number: 01628 200900

      Snow Princess Rating: 4/5

THE HALL | Dorney Village Hall

This hall is one I would definitely recommend hiring for larger parties: it can easily accommodate 35-40 children, has a large kitchen, and the separate dining area leaves lots of space for dancing around safely! As if this was not enough, there is a play park just outside the venue, in case the children are still full of energy after the party has ended. Overall, Dorney Hall is a light, bright, and good-feeling venue.

4. Pinder Hall – The Village Hall of Cookham

    Location: Cookham

    Contact Number: 01628819054

    Snow Princess Rating: 5/5

The Pinder Hall

Pinder Hall is a lovely, large space and includes an equally roomy kitchen. This, as well as the high roof means it stays cool in the summer months and does not feel claustrophobic once filled with screaming kiddies! The older feel to the building also allows for great acoustics, to add the cherry on top of an already excellent party. However, Pinder Hall is somewhat lacklustre in terms of parking – you may end up having to carry your sandwiches and balloons from down the road! As long as you do not mind this small drawback, this venue would be a fabulous choice for your kid’s party.

5. Taplow Village Centre

    Location: Taplow, Buckinghamshire

      Snow Princess Rating: 5/5

The Village Centre High Street

I have to admit, this venue is one of my personal favourites! Once again, this old, stone building has high ceilings and subsequently excellent acoustics. It is also bright, airy, and very cool, with a separate room for the kids to have their party tea. The hall size is not huge, so I would avoid getting a bouncy castle or inviting over 35 kids, but the benefits certainly outweigh this small drawback.

6. Cox Green Scouts HQ

  Location: Cox Green, Maidenhead

      Contact Number: 01628418904

      Snow Princess Rating: 3/5


Modern and clean facilities that include disabled access are among the main benefits of choosing Cox Green Scouts as your party location. It is also one of the most spacious halls on this list – big enough to hold a bouncy castle! The only disadvantage of this location is the lack of available parking; if you are planning on inviting more than twenty children, they may be facing a short trek to the party!

7. Norden Farm Centre for the Arts

    Location: Maidenhead

      Contact Number: 01628788997

      Snow Princess Rating: 4/5

Norden Farm Centre for the Arts | house

‘The Barn’ at Norden Farm is an ideal space to hire for your child’s special day, with artsy Tudor beams making it much more elegant than your average hall. The venue offers delicious catering options, allowing you to choose between a hot party tea or a cold buffet and saving you a great deal of hassle! In addition to the plethora of free parking and clean facilities, Norden is unique from a typical village hall because it is an arts centre: this means that their admin system is less archaic and they won’t take three weeks to respond about availability. The only drawback of choosing Norden is that they need to see Public Liability Insurance certificates from any entertainer you book. Luckily, if you choose Snow Princess Parties for your entertainment you can avoid this hassle altogether: Norden Farm knows us well and should have our documentation on file, so now you have really no excuse not to book!

8. Furze Platt Leisure Centre

 Location: Furze Platt Senior School, Maidenhead

      Contact Number: 01628308296

      Snow Princess Rating: 3.5/5

Furze Platt Leisure Centre, Windsor and Maidenhead | Basketball ...

Choosing to hire Furze Platt Leisure Centre for the big day would be an excellent choice, due to its easy parking and accessibility (although the leisure centre is tucked around the back of the building), its immense space that can comfortably hold 40 children, and the well maintained and modern facilities. Where Furze Platt really shines is in the helpful staff that stay on hand throughout the party, as opposed to a village hall which leaves you to your own accord. So, if the pressure of the party planning is wearing you down and you could do with a helping hand on the special day, this venue is the one for you!

9. Woodlands Park Village Centre Sports Hall 

  1. Woodlands Park Village Centre Sports Hall 

      Location: Waltham Road, Maidenhead

      Contact Number: 01628823964

      Snow Princess Rating: 4/5

Woodlands Park Village Centre, Manifold Way, Waltham Road ...

I know, I know, I said I do not like sports halls… but if you are mad enough to have a party of 50 kids or more, Woodland Park Village Centre is the one for you! It provides you with a huge space, leaving plenty of room for food and games. The parking area is pleasant and reachable, whilst the kitchen and toilets are clean, modern, and fairly large. However… beware when booking this venue! There is another hall in the same building which is much smaller, hotter, with worse acoustics, which is far from ideal to host your kiddie birthday bash.

10. Larchfield Community Centre

Location: Desborough Crescent, Maidenhead

      Contact Number: 01628683964

      Snow Princess Rating: 4/5 

Last but certainly not least, Larchfield is an exemplary venue for smaller parties: with its high ceilings and exceptional acoustics, your little guests will have a fantastic day full of fun. The addition of free, uncomplicated parking means that you can forgive the area being a little more tucked away than other locations. What is not to love?!

Now… let the party begin!

You have heard my opinion of the best party venues the Maidenhead area has to offer, and now the rest is up to you! Once that first stage of booking a hall is over with, the food, entertainment, and decorations should fall into place like magic. However, if you are still feeling the pressure, be sure to book one of our entertainers, who will be sure to make your child’s day a little more magical, and a little less stressful for you at the same time! Good luck!

Frozen Kisses,


Managing Director

Snow Princess Parties

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