Mermaid vs Pirate Parties

Ahoy there! Let us take you on a magical sea journey with our Mermaid vs. Pirate party – for the beautiful and the brave!

Our two specially-dressed, highly-trained entertainers can lead larger groups of children, letting you invite absolutely everyone you would like! The entertainers will work together to lead the party in lots of high-energy, super-fun party games, with special prizes for everyone. They will shower the birthday child in attention so that their birthday party is truly a special day to remember. We want parents to have as much fun as the children, so either join in or take pictures – whichever you would prefer!

Party Info

Party length:
2 hours
Set up:
20 mins before party
Pack up:
15 mins after party
Ages suited:
3-8 years
Food break:
Halfway through
Max attendance:
25 children*
*For larger parties, you will require an additional entertainer. Just let us know if this is the case!

From far out on the deep blue sea…

A Mermaid AND Pirate appeared! Your magical entertainers will arrive all dressed and in character 20 mins before the start time of the party to set up ready. They will greet the birthday child with a bespoke Snow Princess Parties Crown to make them feel truly special.

This is the perfect time for the birthday child to bond with their favourite characters and become best of friends before all the other guests arrive – and to get pictures before costumes go a bit awry! 

Let the magic begin…

With some specially-chosen fun background music playing, your entertainers will greet the party guests in character and complete personalised glitter tattoos and balloon swords as the perfect ice-breaker.  This gives each child one-on-one time with the entertainers before they get the party started – perfect to help any shy little ones to feel comfortable!

“It’s better, down where it’s wetter – under the sea!” 

Time to get the party started! The Mermaid and Pirate will keep everyone totally entertained with their magic powers – also known as imaginative and age-appropriate party games. Parents can sit back and enjoy the fun, or join in if they wish! 

Let the feast begin!

We’ll then take a 30 min break for the party food – provided by parents. Your entertainers will use this time to catch up with glitter tattoos and balloon swords for late arrivals, pose for photos and chit-chat with the children in character. 

Then, cake time! The entertainers will help with the birthday cake presentation, ensuring you nab the rare opportunity for a group photo and helping to organise so that everyone (hopefully!) starts singing at the same time!

Anchors away!

Then it is time for the last bit of fun! The last 30 mins of the party the mermaid and pirate will lead more super exciting party games. 

All good things must come to an end, but we make saying goodbye fun with a magic snow birthday wish – unique to Snow Princess Parties. The last five minutes are the perfect time for photo opportunities with the mermaid and pirate. Then, we’ll say farewell and see you next time!

We make your dreams come true!

All our parties include:
  • Highly-Trained, DBS-Checked Performers – often with a performing arts background

  • Powerful Sound Systems – Playing the latest chart hits and movie favourites!

  • Professional PA Equipment – Helping us keep everyone engaged!

  • Specially-Designed, Adaptable Party Games – For boys, girls and adults!

  • A Magical Gift for the Birthday Child – So they feel special on their birthday!

  • A Prize for Every Guest – Everyone’s a winner! Non-edible due to allergies. 

  • A Bubble Machine – Somehow, nothing is more fun!

  • “FREE Party Invitations” – Download your invites here.

  • Optional Snow Machine – An extra-special, exciting addition for £15; always a hit!

  • Environmentally and Vegan-Friendly – We use biodegradable glitter and limit plastics!

Your wish is our command!

All we need from you is:
  • The Party Venue (it can be at a venue or at your home)

  • The Party Food

  • Any Decorations

  • A Working Power Socket

  • The Guests!

For any more information, check out our FAQs or get in touch.

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